About Strawberry :

King Fresh, as an Egyptian strawberry exporter, brings you premium quality strawberries for export.

King Fresh has been working in the fresh strawberry crop since 2014 and we have large areas of strawberry crop and multiple varieties such as Sensation, Fortuna and Festival. The company grows 140 hectares of fresh strawberries for export, and we also gradually increase the agricultural area every year as the company initially began to rely on Farmers only. Today, the company relies 60% of the total exported quantity on its own production. The company aspires to increase its agricultural area to 300 hectares of fresh strawberries, suitable for export.

Egyptian strawberries are characterized by their distinctive taste, strong aroma, high hardness, bright natural colors, and strong luster.

The company has strawberry plots that are grown in plastic greenhouses to ensure excellent quality away from rain, dust, and dusty winds. The company works to ensure that all of its strawberry plots are grown inside plastic greenhouses.

King Fresh Company has internationally accredited certificates such as GLOBAL GAP and GRASP.

We have a variety of packing styles

  • 1 kg box
  • 2.5 kg box (10 packages * 250 grams)
  • 3 kg box (6 packages * 500 grams)
  • 2.3 kg box (6 heart packs * 385 grams).

The fresh strawberry export season begins from mid-November until the beginning of April.

King Fresh Company, as a farmer and supplier of fresh strawberries, is ready to provide you with large quantities and the service you want, and most importantly, a guarantee of product safety, high quality and competitive prices.

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