- Sensation


• Exceptional flavor

• Uniformly well-shaped

• Medium to bright red and glossy

• Very good shelf life and transportability

• High percentage of large, marketable fruit

• Early planting date and fruit onset

Fruit & Plant Characteristics

When planted as early as the end of September, the Sweet Sensation brand strawberry variety produces high yields of excellent quality fruit throughout the season. Depending on ambient temperatures, growers harvest the first fruit about 60 days after plant establishment. The conic to broad-conic fruit is uniform in shape, well exposed on the bed and easy to pick. Growers have observed no overly elongated fruit from early established plantings, even when exposed to hot weather.

Festival Strawberry produces good yields of medium to large berries throughout the summer. The deep red, conical –shaped fruits are sweet and fragrant—and their long stems make harvest easy. The fruits keep well when refrigerated. It's also suitable for growing in containers, strawberry towers and raised beds. Grows best in full sun.