- Festival


• High percentage of medium, marketable fruit

• Excellent shelf life and transportability

• Uniformly well-shaped and firm

• Medium red & glossy

• Highly productive

• Early fruit onset

• Good flavor

Fruit & Plant Characteristics

The Florida Festival is a short-day strawberry cultivar selected. The variety is marketed under the Festival brand. It produces medium red, conical fruit.

The fruit is especially suitable for presentation in 250 g punnets. The berries have great dessert and aromatic quality. Its consistent internal red color makes the Florida Festival variety an excellent candidate for the freezer market.

Festival Strawberry produces good yields of medium to large berries throughout the summer. The deep red, conical –shaped fruits are sweet and fragrant—and their long stems make harvest easy. The fruits keep well when refrigerated. It's also suitable for growing in containers, strawberry towers and raised beds. Grows best in full sun.