•Tommy Atkins

Tommy Skin color is different depending on the variety, with shades ranging from ripe fruit to dark green, yellow to orange to deep red.

It has a sweet smell and presents a single, flattened and long stone in the middle of the pulp.

It is orange in color with large parts of a dark red or crimson, sweet and juicy.

The pulp is lemon discolorous or dark yellow and has a sweet, smooth flavor.

The fiber is a bit coarser compared to other mango varieties.

- Starts in 3rd week of July.

- Shelf life time 15-20 days max after harvesting.

- Skin color green to yellow with red blush.

- Sugar brix level from medium to high, low acidity.

- Size from 350 grams up to 700 grams.

- Fiber less.

- packing 10 kg plastic box and 4,5 kg carton.