• Kent

The skin of the Kent mango has a yellow ground color and a red coating,There are very few fibers in the pulp, making it very suitable for spooning.

The shape and size of the fruit's drupe varies greatly, but is usually ovoid, obviously flat or round, with yellowish-green, yellow, red, violet, or orange skin.

The pulp is yellow or orange, juicy and very tasty.

The seed coat is thick and woody, with an outer layer of fiber that may extend into the pulp.

The various surrounding flavors and aromas brought by the mango pulp will inevitably invite you to taste the fresh taste, and it is also very suitable for juice.

The mango fruit is delicate, and its taste and texture are very different from regular edible fruits.

- 1st week of August.

- Shelf life time 15-20 days from harvesting.

- Skin color green and red.

- Sugar brix level high, less acidity.

- Sizes from 300 grams up to 900 grams.

- No fiber.

- packing 10 kg plastic box and 4,5 kg carton.