• Keitt

The Keitt mango flavor is sweet, without excess, with citrus nuances and a slight acid touch. It has a firm pulp, completely free of fibers and a slightly lower sugar content than other varieties.

The Keitt variety usually provides quite large fruit.
The pulp has practically no fibers, adapting very well to consumption with a spoon.

The pulp is yellow or orange in color, juicy and very tasty.

The seed coat is thick and woody with a fibrous outer layer, which may extend into the pulp itself.

The seed size is small.

The quality of this fruit is excellent and it has a long commercial life.

- 2rd week of August.

- Shelf life time 20 days max after harvesting.

- Skin color green or green with red blush.

- Sugar brix level medium, medium acidity.

- Fiber less.

- Sizes from 350 grams up to 900 grams.

- packing 10 kg plastic box and 4,5 kg carton.